Taste of Lifestyle Medicine Micro-Grant

The Taste of Lifestyle Medicine Micro-Grant is a grant-funded program presented by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM).

Taste of Lifestyle Medicine Micro-Grants introduce and advance lifestyle medicine on medical or health professional and health system campuses. Any U.S. medical or health professions student or faculty member interested in hosting a non-commercial lifestyle medicine educational event may apply for a grant to support the purchase of whole-food plant-based foods or ingredients for their event.

Eligible individuals have the opportunity to secure a maximum of four grants per year, while their respective institutions can benefit from up to twelve grants annually.

Events organized by Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIGs) have the potential to receive grant funding of $500 per event. Non-LMIG affiliated events may receive grant funding of $250 per event.

Institutions are subject to a limit of one grant per event, with a cap set at 12 grants per year, thereby allowing for annual funding of up to $6,000, depending on their LMIG affiliation.

Please note: Non-food items related to an event, such as paper goods, honorariums, room rental, are not reimbursable.

Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis and must be submitted 15 to 90 days prior to an event date within the same calendar year.

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If your application is approved, you must submit your post-event reimbursement receipts here within 10 days of the event.