Call for Collaboration

ACLM is seeking health-system or practice level collaborators to pilot test the feasibility and financial sustainability of running the Lifestyle Empowerment Approach for Diabetes Remission (LEADR) program, a diabetes intervention curriculum developed by ACLM. We are seeking collaborators who may be partners on grant applications for funding to conduct research on the clinician experience, patient engagement, and successful reimbursement for the program.

LEADR: Lifestyle Empowerment Approach for Diabetes Remission


Project title: Lifestyle Empowerment Approach for Diabetes Remission (LEADR): Piloting a lifestyle medicine intervention to improve patient outcomes, support long-term behavior change, and achieve sustainable implementation for clinicians.


Aims: The following specific aims will be addressed in the context of administering a 12-week lifestyle medicine program targeting type 2 diabetes remission.

  • Assess the logistical and financial feasibility of administering a 12-week lifestyle medicine program (LEADR) that targets type 2 diabetes remission using shared medical appointments (SMAs)
  • Explore changes in cardiometabolic health metrics among patients with diabetes or prediabetes
  • Explore socio-behavioral characteristics that predict adherence to treatment

Requirements from collaborator:

  • Patient population meeting eligibility criteria
  • Staff bandwidth to facilitate shared medical appointment sessions
  • Meeting space

Method of approach: The LEADR curriculum, developed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), takes a novel, patient-centered, evidence-based approach to implement lifestyle medicine (LM) for health restoration. Though major medical authorities recommend diet and lifestyle as a first-line treatment for chronic disease, and particularly type 2 diabetes, lifestyle guidance is infrequently incorporated into clinical practice as a form of treatment, remission is not set as a clinical target, and formal guidance focuses on disease management.

ACLM is seeking partners to run a pilot feasibility study to administer the LEADR curriculum to a single cohort of approximately 15 patients. Patients would be eligible with a diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes, or HbA1c elevated >5.7% upon screening.

The 12-week LEADR program would be administered using a weekly in-person format, with 3-hour meetings for weeks 1-6, and 2-hour meetings for week 7-12.

Reimbursement would be billed using the shared medical appointment strategies identified as appropriate for LEADR.

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Weekly Session Titles

  1. Getting Started with Diabetes Remission
  2. Change Your Lifestyle, Transform Your Health
  3. Understanding Diabetes
  4. Fine-Tuning for Diabetes Remission
  5. Meal Makeovers: How to Enjoy a Full Plate and Still Reach Your Diabetes Goals
  6. Changing the Game for Your Health
  7. It’s More than Just Food
  8. Want to Rev Up Your Healthy Life?
  9. Controlling Our Diabetes Destinies
  10. Smart Grocery Shopping
  11. Meal Planning, Cooking, and Dining Out
  12. Preparing for Your Journey Ahead
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