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Certification in lifestyle medicine indicates that the individual has mastered the science of preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease in an evidence-based manner with official acknowledgment from the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine or the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

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Registering for the exam secures your ability to reserve an appointment at a Prometric testing center. Invitations to reserve an appointment at a testing center will be distributed after September 30th. Registration after September 30th at 6:00pm PST will go towards the 2024 exam.

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Each component of certification is recognized for 36 months. It is possible to complete the online continuing education, attend an approved event, and register and pay for the exam as part of a multi-year plan.

  1. Consider becoming a member of ACLM. Membership unlocks discounts for many of the CME courses and the exam, and it is an optimal way to immerse yourself in ongoing networking and education in lifestyle medicine.
  2. Gather your prerequisite of 30 hours online CME.
  3. Gather your prerequisite of 10 hours of live in-person CME from an approved event. CME must be no older than 36 months from the date of the exam.
  1. Sign up for the ABLM/ACLM exam in your respective category. The cost includes a non-refundable registration fee, a certification fee, and your entrance to a Prometric testing center. The cost varies between $899 and $1798, based on your professional category and whether you have an ACLM member discount.
  2. Submit documentation of completion of your exam prerequisites 30 or more days before the exam date using the instructions provided to you via email. Please note: physicians must also complete and submit a case study, retrievable via under ‘What Are The Prerequisites?’. Watch your inbox for important updates from CMEs from lifestyle medicine conferences immediately preceding an exam are exempt from the above 30-day rule.
  3. Reserve a seat at a Prometric testing center of your choice after registering for the exam and receiving an invitation from Prometric. This will not happen before the close of registrations, which is always on September 30th at 6 PM PST. You can find Prometric sites here:

Take and pass the exam, which consists of between 120 and 150 multiple choice questions of NBME standard. Four hours are allowed for completion.

  1. Congratulations! If you are a physician, you will now be a Diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (DipABLM). All other health professionals will be Diplomates of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (DipACLM).
  2. Consider signing up for the MOC pathway. Diplomates will receive an invite to opt-in to the program within the first three months of the year (by March 31st) following initial certification. Existing Diplomates enrolled in the LMMOC must submit payment annually by March 31st as well as fulfill other program criteria annually. Learn more here or email with questions.
  3. If you are not already an American College of Lifestyle Medicine member, consider joining. As a member, you will receive complimentary continuing education that counts towards your maintenance of certification and can be listed in the public-facing Lifestyle Medicine Pros directory only for certified diplomate members.
Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Course   30 Cme | Ce

The Best Way to Study

This evidence-based course truly establishes a foundation in lifestyle medicine, fulfills the online 30-hours CME prerequisite and is designed to provide a review for the certification exam that will take place between November 25 and December 10, 2023, at a Prometric Testing Center of your choice.

There are three main components included:

  1. A Board Review Course Manual (print and online)
  2. 12 online review lectures by experts in lifestyle medicine
  3. 10 section quizzes that consist of 180 total quiz questions


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  • Pricing for your certification pathway can vary based on the prerequisites you choose for online and live CME/CE.

Education Mastery
Certification in lifestyle medicine indicates that the individual has mastered the science of preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease in an evidence-based manner with official acknowledgment from the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (for physicians and specialists) or the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (for professionals and practitioners).

Unique Career and Hiring Advantages
Lifestyle medicine board-certified physicians, specialists, professionals, and practitioners are recognized as subject matter experts in the field, giving them a hiring advantage for lifestyle medicine-focused organizations and employers.

Lifestyle Medicine has the power to decrease healthcare spending for both employers and patients, improve overall health outcomes, and activate patient autonomy and motivation for sustainable, lifelong behavior change.

Networking and Recognition 
Certification opens the door for valuable and rewarding networking and opportunities for collaboration with like-minded professionals.

To certify as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician you must be primary board certified by an ABMS or AOA approved board for US based physicians; for Canadians you must be licensed to practice as a physician.

Please email to inquire about eligibility.  

To certify as a Lifestyle Medicine Professional, you must hold a Masters or Doctorate degree in a health or allied health discipline.

Questions regarding eligibility? Please email

Bachelor’s level eligibility* will conclude following the 2023 exam. Those who have been certified are eligible to maintain their certification through MOC.

*Beginning in 2024, only those holding bachelor’s degrees in fields that now require master’s level training will be grandfathered in and able to register for and sit for the ABLM exam [ex: physician associates, pharmacists, and dietitians].

You may also email with questions.

  1. Lifestyle medicine conference in-person attendance and participation (10 earned CME/CE*). You can attend any of these: 
    • ACLM Annual Conferences  
    • International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Annual Conferences  
    • Plant-based Prevention of Disease (P-POD) Annual Conferences  
    • PCRM Annual International Conferences on Nutrition in Medicin
    • Annual AAFP Lifestyle Medicine course  
    • Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine
  2. Approved online CME/CE Courses 30 hours total
    • American College of Lifestyle Medicine Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Course 3rd or 4th Edition  
    • American College of Lifestyle Medicine/American College of Preventative Medicine Lifestyle Core Competencies Program (LMCC)  
    • Doane University Lifestyle Medicine Professional Certificate Program  
    • Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine 

CME/CEs must be no older than 36 months from the date of the exam. Proof of CME/CEs and credentials must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the exam.  

Refer to the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine website ( for specifics related to pricing, submission of prerequisites, and dates of the examination. 

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Becoming a Diplomate signifies that you have: 

  • Completed a minimum of 30 hours of lifestyle medicine CME/CE online.
  • Gathered at least 10 hours of in-person CME/CE from attending a specific lifestyle medicine-oriented conference
  • As a physician, you submitted a case study that documents the positive effects of a lifestyle medicine intervention on a patient
  • Passed a rigorous certification exam


The How and Why of LM Certification  |

Learn about the importance of Lifestyle Medicine and certification in the field from American College of Lifestyle Medicine with Amy Mechley, MD, DipABLM, FACLM, FAAFP. In addition, American Board of Lifestyle Medicine staff cover the types of certification available and the steps to become certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

Download Frequently Asked Questions for even more information about Lifestyle Medicine Certification

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Livestream begins October 29

Earn 39 CME/CE credit Live or On Demand for up to 60 days.

Every Fall, ACLM hosts the premier continuing education event focused on lifestyle medicine – the therapeutic dose of proper nutrition, regular physical activity, social connection, restorative sleep, stress management, and avoidance of risky substances.