Lifestyle Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award


Presented by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, this award recognizes lifetime achievement in the field and is the highest honor bestowed on a healthcare pioneer. This award recognizes a significant body of work over a significant span of time that has advanced the field of Lifestyle Medicine, and, in the process, paved the way for others to follow. The Lifetime Achievement award is presented to individuals who have been devoted to the cause of Lifestyle Medicine for half of their lives or more.

Nominations for the Trailblazer and Lifetime Achievement Awards are being accepted through June 30 11:59 pm PST.


How are the recipients selected for the Lifetime Achievement and Trailblazer Awards?

A call for nominations is put out to the general lifestyle medicine professional community, including the membership of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and supporters of the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation. Individuals recommended for the awards or those interested in applying are encouraged to become members of the College, although membership is not a requirement.
Nominators complete and submit a brief questionnaire about the nominee. An independent group of judges from the Awards Committee of the College and Foundation conduct a review of all applicants’ contributions to the field of Lifestyle Medicine and evaluate each nominee as related to the particular criteria for each award.  Each nominee’s contributions are graded by each committee member using a point system tied to the following four criteria

1. Leadership  2. Collaboration  3.  Innovation  4. Advocacy   

The total points for each applicant are calculated and winners are selected based on the highest total scores.  ACLM and LMF reserve the right to present multiple or no awards in any category.

Can individuals be nominated more than once?

If an individual was nominated previously but was not selected as an award recipient, the individual may be nominated again in the future. Each year’s selection is made from the nominees for that particular award year.

Can someone submit more than one nomination?

More than one nomination is welcomed, but we recommend it be limited to two nominations per nominator.

Can self-nominations be made?

Yes. The requirements for submissions are the same.

What is the application deadline for nominations?

June 30, 2020 for awards that are presented during Lifestyle Medicine 2020, November 1-4 in Carlsbad, CA, at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa.

When are the nominator and awardee notified?

On or before July 31, 2020.