Plantable Bw

Plantable is a clinically proven lifestyle intervention that combines behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and nutritional science to transform health and wellness. As a leader in Food as Medicine, Plantable’s efficacy is predicated upon three key pillars; personalized behavioral coaching, an education platform for lifestyle maintenance and in the first instance, the actual delivery of nutrient dense plant-based meals, to effectively reset dietary habits that are driving metabolic dysfunction and diet-related chronic disease. Building upon its Foundational Results and a well-established body of academic evidence, Plantable is in clinical trials with leading medical institutions including MSKCC, Weill Cornell, Johns Hopkins and Columbia as a dietary “prescription” for the effective reversal of diet-related chronic conditions. Through its 12-month RebootRx program, Plantable is a solution for payers, employers and providers looking to drastically improve health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs, with a pricing model that achieves a high return on investment. Plantable is also available directly to consumer through its 28-day Reboot program. For further information please visit