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Summus is the leader in virtual specialty care for physicians, patients and employers. The company is bringing a new healthcare model to market that ensures access to high-quality specialized care for anyone, regardless of condition, geography or circumstance. Summus is transforming access to high-quality specialty care and supports more than 1.6 million lives around the world by bringing personalized, condition-specific support across the continuum of care and across all health questions and stages of care. Built to be the leading doctors’ choice for virtual specialty care, the Summus model has attracted the best in medicine, by providing access to a network of 4,600 top specialists across 50 leading hospitals — within days, from anywhere in the world.

Members can connect to a high-quality specialist from the leading U.S. hospitals and health systems who spend an average of 30 to 60 minutes with members. Summus believes the future of virtual care will be about having a well-curated network of physicians that can be accessed from anywhere, as well as a high-quality user experience, including short wait times to access specialists. To learn more, visit