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Since 2015, BreakThrough! has emerged as one of the leading organizations invested in the development, creation, and integration of high-quality, evidenced-based mental health and metabolic recovery resources for health coaches, clinicians, and lifestyle medicine providers. Our BreakThrough! Team’s mission is clear:

Address key mental and metabolic health conditions and disorders with sound and engaging practices to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Our work starts with our flagship program, BreakThrough! The Course for Mental and Metabolic Health Recovery, endorsed and approved by the American Counseling Association, NADAAC, NBCC and recently featured at Obesity Canada and presented to the World Obesity Society.

This BreakThrough! course helps patients understand the psychological reasons why they eat the way they do, and more importantly, what they can do about it! The course sequentially explores over 160 topics, including brain functioning, self-view, emotional issues (depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction) and social issues (family, relationships, social media, and environment) that can lead to emotional eating and subsequent weight gain. The course is supported by a 250-page course text & workbook, engaging presentations, and over 20 hours of on-line learning and exercises. The curriculum is designed to help participants quickly identify and access their areas of vulnerability so they can begin to develop the insight and skills they need to create long-lasting change.

We Believe Your Clients Can Recover from Mental and Metabolic Health Disorders

In addition, our BreakThrough! team provides professional continuing education, and specific course training for mental health providers, physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals. Courses are flexible and designed to work across all environments including remote and under-served communities, and individuals with disabilities. Formats include self-directed, practitioner-led, or blended approaches for both group and individual settings

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