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EXI Exercise Intelligence is a digital therapeutic (DTx) – a medically validated health intervention platform – that combines behavior change science with the latest clinical evidence and physical activity guidelines to deliver safe, personalized physical activity prescriptions.

EXI makes prescribing exercise accessible. The intelligent platform allows healthcare professionals to prescribe tailored physical activity via a web-based data portal in a way that’s easy, effective, and scalable. The award-winning app supports patients to become more physically active. The personalized physical activity plan is based on the patient’s current health status and physical activity habits and is set at the appropriate level for them.

EXI is clinically proven, science based and a US-, UK- & EU-regulated tech platform. The EXI platform combines decades of scientific knowledge with pioneering technology and sophisticated motivational systems. The platform can help achieve lasting behavioral change for all, including those who need it the most. https://www.exi.life/