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Whether you’re interested in expanding your continuum of care to include cardiac rehabilitation for the first time, enhancing your existing CR program through ICR, or expanding your reach through our virtual cardiac rehab platform, Pritikin’s versatile solutions can transform the cardiac care experience for your patients.

With twice the number of Medicare-covered sessions as traditional cardiac rehab (72 instead of 36) and innovative virtual delivery models, Pritikin’s comprehensive program provides patients with the tools and knowledge they need for long-term success. Engaging videos, immersive workshops, cooking demos, and individualized nutrition consultations empower your patients to achieve sustainable lifestyle change. Pritikin’s key pillars – regular exercise, a heart-healthy eating plan, and a healthy mind-set – have been proven through decades of research, and yet they are flexible enough to meet patients wherever they are in the recovery process. The Pritikin Eating Plan allows for modest amounts of animal protein while still emphasizing plenty of nutritious, plant-based foods, which means your patients can make gradual progress towards heart health.

Our proven, thorough implementation and training process means that getting up and running with Pritikin ICR is far easier than you might think. And once licensed with Pritikin ICR, we become a partner in your success through dedicated account management, monthly business reviews, and ongoing education and training for your cardiac rehab staff. With reasonable operating costs and no upfront licensing fees, Pritikin ICR offers significant incremental revenue while enhancing the clinical value of your practice.

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