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Sifter SP, Inc., is a leading provider of food and nutrition digital technology. Designed for practitioners and health businesses to make healthy eating easy for everyone, our core technology identifies food eligibility—with precision, speed, and transparency—for hundreds of multivariable diets and food preferences. Using Sifter, practitioners help their clients discover a wider variety of suitable foods through health-focused virtual grocery store tours; grocery lists and recipes medically tailored to their clients’ dietary needs; and a food scanning app that extends their dietary guidance to where it matters most for their clients—the grocery store.

In creating the Sifter platform, our team of nutrition experts and developers incorporated the evidence-based recommendations given by dietitians and doctors for a wide variety of health conditions. Our AI technology runs dietary attribution against hundreds of thousands of products, accurately identifying eligible foods, including where they can be purchased across a national network of 38,000+ grocery stores. The algorithms powering this dietary attribution align with US FDA guidelines and nutrition standards of care practices, including chronic diet-related conditions such as food allergies, diabetes, and high cholesterol. This sophisticated functionality extends your reach into the grocery store making the healthy choice, the easy choice.

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