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The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) advances sleep care and enhances sleep health to improve lives. The AASM serves a combined membership of 12,000 accredited sleep centers and individuals, including physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals who care for patients with sleep disorders. As the leader in the sleep field, the AASM sets standards and promotes excellence in sleep medicine health care, education, and research.

The AASM offers several public awareness and education initiatives. In June 2022, the AASM launched “Sleep Is Good Medicine,” a national campaign elevating sleep as the third pillar of health, alongside nutrition and exercise, and encouraging conversations about sleep between patients and their health care professionals. The AASM also is leading the Count on Sleep initiative’s “More Than a Snore” campaign, which is focused on decreasing the number of adults in the U.S. who are living with undiagnosed and untreated obstructive sleep apnea by increasing awareness of risk factors and major health effects of OSA. Visit sleepeducation.org for more information on AASM’s initiatives and programs.

Together, we can help patients understand the importance of healthy sleep and how to get it on a regular basis. https://aasm.org/