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Plant-based Prevention Of Disease, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit accepting zero funding, sponsorship or influence from commercial sources, produces the fully accredited “P-POD” continuing education conferences for healthcare practitioners and educators.  Its traditional motto has been “The Future of Healthcare Begins with Nutrition”, and since December 2017 it has been approved as a provider of the ABLM/ACLM ten-hour in-person Continuing Medical Education prerequisite for the annual Lifestyle Medicine Diplomate certifying examination.

The fifteen evidence-based P-POD Conferences from 2014 to 2023 have addressed the impact that plant-based nutrition, combined with Lifestyle Medicine and health equity, can have on prevention, reversal and mitigation of society’s chronic diseases.  Registration fees per day are lower than those for most accredited U.S. professional conferences.  Most of the distinguished researchers, clinicians and educators who speak at P-POD are women, and close to half are people of color.

2023’s last P-POD Conference is the 19.25-20.25 hour Newark NJ event with virtual option, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, offering two- and three-day registrations.  Expected 2024 offerings include a 14-hour Saturday-Sunday Newark-plus-virtual conference and at least two 7-hour Sunday-only Virtual Summits.

Current Core Topics covered at all full conferences:

  • Promoting healthful behaviors at the community-program and primary-care levels
  • Cancer prevention and survivorship
  • Cardiovascular health and disease
  • Diabetes prevention or reversal
  • Exercise physiology, and movement in daily lifestyle
  • Health equity, vulnerable populations, and access disparities for care and nutritious-food
  • Kidney health and chronic kidney disease
  • Mental and brain health
  • Microbiota/gut health and dysbiosis;  gut-brain axis;  immune homeostasis and autoimmunity
  • Pediatrics
  • Plant-based nutrition as a practical resource in chronic disease prevention/reversal
  • Restorative (sleep, social connection) and degrading (chronic stress, risky substances) lifestyle factors
  • Women’s health

Also covered in 2024 will be:  gun violence;  chronic disease risk concerns about dairy, eggs and fish;  disparate health effects of partly-human-diet-linked environmental harms.