Physician and Healthcare Professional Well-being

The Best of Lifestyle Medicine, Positive Psychology and
Well-being Science in One Course.

Having the skills to build and maintain a well-being mindset for yourself and those around you, can profoundly affect your work/life balance. This CME/CE course pairs a unique perspective on personal and organization wellness with a practical approach and useful supporting materials.

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Clinician Burnout is REAL

Research indicates that lack of work satisfaction is a primary cause of burnout. In a recent research study implementing lifestyle medicine as a greater proportion of medical practice was associated with lower likelihood of burnout.
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In 2022, 63% of all physicians report experiencing burnout.

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Suicide rates among female physicians is 130% higher than the general population.

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75% of medical residents meet the definition of burnout


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If you are a clinician who:

  • Knows what it means to be healthy, but finds it challenging to make plans for your own self-care;
  • Struggles with feelings of exhaustion, being mentally distant from your practice/patients, or is experiencing a reduction in daily productivity;
  • Wishes you could do more as a role model and support a work culture that honors self care;
  • Is interested in practical ways to improve your own well-being;

This course is for you.

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In this course you will:

  • Come to understand the importance of our own personal well-being challenges, where you are strong or need to improve, taking into consideration that there could be systemic or institutional limitations that directly or indirectly impose on our ability to support well-being.
  • Be provided with practical lifestyle medicine practices and strategies to practice self-care and create a better work/life balance for – yourself and others.
  • Learn about positive psychology for emotional and physical well-being.
  • Conduct a brief flourishing assessment and develop a personal well-being action plan.
  • Earn 5 hours of CME/CE/MOC.
Kaylan Baban, MD

“This course is filled with actionable, evidence-based strategies that support the individual and their institution to develop durable practices and systems in which all an realize their full potential and thrive.”

Kaylan A. Baban, MD, MPH, DipABLM
Course Faculty

Kristen Pascucci, PhD

Having the skills to build a well-being mindset and a better work/life balance for oneself and others can profoundly affect our own and others’ well-being. This course helps people Influence and shape the culture around them toward a future that supports well-being.

Kristen Pascucci, PhD, MS
Course Faculty

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Complimentary Materials: Train the Trainer Workshop Package

This complimentary course component allows clinicians who have taken the course, the opportunity to easily deliver a Physician and Health Professional Well-being workshop within their own institutions and organizations.  It includes training and workbook materials needed to deliver workshops of various lengths.

The aims of the Train-the-Trainer program workshop are: 1) to help health professionals learn ways to maintain and improve their physical and emotional well-being, manage their stress levels, and achieve flourishing and 2) to inspire physicians and health professionals to apply these lessons with their patients.

We hope that after taking the course, you feel empowered to not only apply the self-care principals that are outlined within the course, but to also share this valuable information with the clinicians in your organization.

Topics Covered in this Course

  • Positive psychology and the connection to Lifestyle Medicine
  • 12 practical steps to enhance personal well-being
  • Applicable research
  • Workplace cultures and organizational strategies that promote well-being of physicians and health professionals
  • Individual leadership skills to create well-being cultures

Who will benefit from this 5-hour course? 

This program is designed to provide education on positive psychology and lifestyle medicine for physicians and health professionals. This course is applicable to physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, registered dietitians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, health care executives, students, trainees and other health care professionals. It is intended for those who want to learn more about the implementation of positive psychology and lifestyle medicine for personal well-being. 

What is the format of the content? 

The course is composed of four lectures and is five hours in length in total. The course is completed online via the ACLM Learning Management System. Users are able to click through the voice-over module slides at their own pace and complete corresponding quizzes. Interactive scenarios, images and case studies have been added to enhance the experience. 

Is this content accredited for CME? 

Yes, this 5-hour course is accredited to provide 5 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Additionally, this course also provides 5 AAFP Prescribed credits, up to 5 Maintenace of Certification (MOC)points for American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM), and 5 MOC credits for the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM) and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) certification. 

Will I receive a certificate of completion? 

Yes, all participants who complete the full 5-hour course and pass the post-module quizzes and complete the course surveys will be eligible to receive an online CME/CE certificate of completion. 

I’m a pharmacist, registered nurse, registered dietitian, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, social worker, speech therapist or audiologist; may I receive credit for this content? 

Yes! See details below, under the “Accreditation” dropdown tab.  

How recent is the content? 

The program was just developed and launched September 2020 and re-launched with updated content October 2022. The content reflects the recent work in this field. Faculty will be updating the content on a regular basis, and enrollees have 1-year access to the program. 

Will updates to this content be available soon? 

Yes, updates to the training program will be made on an ongoing basis. 

How long do I have access to the content? 

Course purchasers will have access to the online course for one year. 

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